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Our motto: For us the quality means a satisfied customer who comes back to us but the product does not!

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N e r e z o v é  v ý r o b k y  s. r. o. 

As regards the date of origination, we are quite new company, but we are using the long-term experience of the owners in the branches of mechanical engineering and commerce.

It is evident form the name of our company that we deal above all with manufacture of products, semi-finished products and parts from stainless steel materials. We offer to our customers not only the manufacture itself but also a complete range of services, from the transformation of your idea into a drawing documentation, consultancy on which materials are suitable for the particular application, and finally the surface treatment.

We offer serial, small batch and custom manufacturing, packing and despatch according to the customers´demands. You can find a more detailed specification of the applied materials under the link Materials. The link Gallery provides several illustrations of our works up to now.

Should you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us any time on the contact telephone numbers or via e-mail.