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We are mentioning here several of our partners who can provide the references based on your demands.

-         Shafts (Spienbau Bremen)

-         Enclosures for points of sales, (Switzerland)

-         Rotating lighting constructions (Germany)

-         Components for shipping industry (Germany)

-         Frames for advertisement boards (Contur Agency)

-         Outdoor architecture (Wien)

-         Stainless steel handrails (Faculty Hospital Brno)

-         Handrail (Edel Lačnov)

-         Mobile platforms for sports facility

-         Ladders (Behr Mošnov)

-         Distribution elements for air systems (Russia)

-         Air systems and air conditioning (DDM Valašské Klobouky)

-         Spare parts for manufacture (Greiner packaging)

-         Carpet laths ( Koberce Petr Pořický)

-         Stainless steel legs for furniture (Edel Lačnov)

-         Tanks for the food and chemical industry ( Germany)

-         Stainless steel furniture for meat production

-         Carts for containers

-         Production of doors and metal sheeting of the premise, stainless steel stairs (Řeznictví Černocký)

-         And others ...