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We use quality materials from Italian, French and German manufacturers for our production. In our production we further use black, zinc-plated and tin-dipped sheet metals copper, brass, aluminium and iron, which may be provided with additional surface treatment ("Komaxit", zinc coating, chromium plating...).

Specification of the used stainless steel materials:

DIN 1.4301/AISI 304

Basic austenitic steel. Excellent weldability and good resistance against corrosion at normal temperatures. At temperatures above 450 °C the inter-crystalline corrosion may appear. The cold forming may cause that the formed products are magnetizable. It is used especially in food industry, structural architecture, drinking water mains, waste water treatment plants and many other applications.


DIN 1.4305/AISI 303

Its chemical composition is very similar to the grade 1.4301, with addition of Sulphur which improves cutting creation during machining. Very difficult weldability.


DIN 1.4307, 1.4306/AISI 304L

Austenitic steel with a very low content of carbon (less than 0,03%) which prevents creation of chromium carbide when the critical temperatures are reached, i.e. the resistance to inter-crystalline corrosion. Good weldability.


DIN 1.4541/AISI 321

Austenitic steel with addition of Titanium. Resistance to inter-crystalline corrosion even at higher temperatures (800 °C). It is used in food industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.


DIN 1.4404/AISI 316 L

Austenitic chromium-molybdenum steel with low carbon content (less than 0,03%). Minimum risk of creation of chromium carbide and an excellent resistance to inter-crystalline corrosion. This is used especially in the areas with a high chemical loading. Resistant to sea water. Possible to polish to high gloss.


DIN 1.4571/AISI 316 Ti

This is a steel with similar characteristics and use as 1.4404, with addition of Titanium, suitable for long-term applications at higher temperatures up to 400°C, with a minimum risk of the inter-crystalline corrosion.


DIN 1.4401

Contains 2-3% of Molybdenum which increases the resistance to chemical compounds. Risks of creation of chromium carbide at higher temperature.


DIN 1.4828

Austenitic steel with high content of chromium and nickel, high resistance against corrosion - up to 900°C.

Additionally, we are processing the following materials:

Cold rolled black sheet metal, grade EN DC01, thickness from 0,5 to 3,0 mm.

Hot rolled black sheet metal, grade EN S235JRG2, S355JR, thickness from 2,0 to 30,0 mm.

Zinc coated sheet metal (plates, rolls), grade EN DX51D+Z, thickness from 0,55 to 2,0 mm.

Thin-walled, thick-walled and rolled profiles.

Bronze, aluminium, copper and brass.

We will be pleased to reply your further questions regarding the used materials. You may contact us by e-mail or by phone.