Our motto: For us the quality means a satisfied customer who comes back to us but the product does not!

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Our offer


· Production for industrial premises

- furniture for pharmaceutical, food and gastronomy industry (tables, shelves, racks, cases, cabinets, stands, carts, etc.), air conditioning (stainless steel, dip galvanized, welded), cooker hoods, air exhausters, stairs, door sheeting, ...


· Products for domestic and outdoor architecture

- cornices, consoles, handrails, fences for flower pots, bathroom accessories, protective moldings, carpet laths, parapets, shelters, garden showers, grills, equipment for playgrounds, ...


· Serial production

- welded pellets, furniture legs, enclosures for the points of sales, parts of illumination, ...


· Custom manufacturing

- tanks, shafts, handrail, inox railings, platforms for sports grounds, accessories for lifts, ladders, ...


· Manufacture of single-purpose machines and fixtures