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Welding - Method MIG/MAG – is performed at modern welding aggregates of firm EWM. We are welding structural steel, stainless steel and aluminium.


Welding - Method TIG AC/DC

• Welding TIG AC - alternating current: Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys!

• Welding TIG DC direct current: Unalloyed, low and high alloyed steels, nickel alloys, copper and special materials.


Capacitor welding deposition on bolts from unalloyed and stainless steel.


Machining of metals - milling, grinding, machining from structural steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper etc.


Laser cutting – in comparison with the classical engineering technologies, this is always advantageous from the point of view of costs saving at the final product. Working of thin and thick sheet metal at the laser technology from firm TRUMPF. Machine type TRUMATIC L 3030 with control equipment SINUMERIK 840D. Structural steel and iron up to 20 mm. Stainless steel up to 12 mm Work table dimensions 1500×3000 mm.


Plasma cutting - we offer precise cutting on CNC plasma machine Vanad Proxima Kompakt with source Hypertherm HP130. This is a highly efficient cutting machine which ranks with the most up to date present plasma technologies. Thanks to this machine we are able to provide a high cutting quality which is comparable with laser at the materials with great thickness. Cutting of structural steel up to thickness 30 mm. Work table dimensions 2000×6000 mm.


Punching, bending, shearing - we perform punching and cutting on a numerically controlled punching press TECNUMERIK 30 c.s.m. from Italian firm Tecnology Italiana. Using this machine, we are able to cut off circular holes (and any other internal geometric shapes) with diameter ranging from 1 to 100 mm; greater dimensions can be produced on demand. We are also able to work out special shapes (multiple punching, shapes for transformation), based on the customer´s requirement. Maximum sheet thickness for punching is 3.00 mm, width 1000 mm and length 3000 mm. Bending of sheet metals is performed on press brake TruBend 5170 from firm TRUMPF. This machine provides a very precise bending either at a long bending or narrow angles; it is also possible to bend thick sheet metals up to thickness of 10.00 mm, working length 3000 mm. We are cutting the sheet metals up to thickness 6.00 mm at hydraulic cutters, cutting length is 3000 mm. We use press brake from firm SAFAN for bending of sheet metals with smaller dimensions.


Press moulding   - we perform the press moulding works at hydraulic pressing machines and eccentric presses; we use a machine for pressing of screws, nuts and columns into sheet metals.


Grinding, polishing up to high gloss


Manually and mechanically.


Surface treatment


Varnishing, "Komaxit", zinc plating, hot-dip galvanizing, chromium plating etc.




The assembly of the products supplied by us is provided on request.


Packing and Delivery


Based on an agreement with the customer.


Visit our gallery where you can see the technology we are using for the production.