Our motto: For us the quality means a satisfied customer who comes back to us but the product does not!

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From our last realisations

Inox parts to Hot Cells for nuclear research (boxes, chambers, bathtubs, tanks and other equipment)

Inox coating of machine with Hot cells

Inox equipment for clean rooms (Medicine and Pharmacy)

Inox furniture (tables, sinks, racks, cases and  carts)

Inox tanks and constructions

Stainless steel cases for DRY ICE production

Stainless steel parts for water treatment technology

Stainless steel segments and parts for surgery tables

Basketball goals

Components and spare parts for еngineering

Stainless steel floor molding

Design urbanistic elements from stainless steel

Stainless steel parts for lifts

Inox pallets und racks

Inox control panel for ship industry

Stainless steel tanks for destilleries

Design fence

Inox logos for furniture manifactures and advertisement

Tool boxes

And others.

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